Stay in Braunschweig, Report by Atul Jala

Looking back at my time as an exchange student at IWF, TU Braunschweig, I couldn’t be more happy for this opportunity to learn in such a multicultural and dynamic environment. My thesis supervisors and colleague were very supportive and friendly. I feel that the Germans are very welcoming, my flatmates and landlord made me feel at home very quickly. My work was on developing a Cyber-Physical System of a cooling station of an assembly line. It was something that I was working for the first time. The technical staff at the workshop was very helpful and cooperating.
During my time on the exchange, I traveled to cities like Paris, Berlin, Prague, and Amsterdam. I learned incredibly inside and outside of Braunschweig. I thank everyone who has made my stay at Braunschweig memorable – from my supervisor (Mr. Benjamin and Mr. Marcus), my landlord (Mr. Jurgen Papke), my flatmate (Tobius Schneider, Linus, and Julian Papke), as well as my colleague (Manpreet Singh). I encourage everyone to go on this exchange and push themselves out of their comfort zone because that is where the magic happens.