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Our cooperation is a great opportunity to improve both your cultural understanding and knowledge on sustainability. We are able to financially support your exchange. For this please refer to the contact details provided below.

We are looking forward to your application!

Please check our blog to get first-hand impressions about staying in India and Germany.

Study in India

Please submit your application documents (CV, transcript of record) to Johanna Haupt, M.Sc. ( Let us know when and how long you want to stay in Pilani, India.

Study in Germany

Please submit you application documents (CV, transcript of record) to Prof. Kuldip S. Sangwan, Ph.D. ( Let us know when and how long you want to stay in Braunschweig, Germany.

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Our Blog

Our cooperation has many different elements.

One of which is the exchange of students and academic staff. This exchange we understand as the backbone of a successful cooperation. Please find below some testimonials of students, who had the chance to be part of the exchange.

IGCSP 23-24 | Stay in India (report by TU BS students)

Day 1 – Monday (16.10.2023) – The Incredible Journey BeginsHello from India! Our INDO-GERMAN Challenge for Sustainable Production began on October 16th with loads of excitement. We all gathered at Braunschweig Hauptbahnhof early in the morning, ready for our journey.Our day kicked off at 6:30 AM when we headed to …

Stay in Braunschweig by Sachin Thakur

Being someone who did not even have a second-hand experience of visiting a foreign land, I was very excited to visit Germany. No one even in my distant relatives had ever visited a European country and therefore I landed in Germany completely ignorant of all there was to know. I …

Stay in Braunschweig, Report by Rishi Kumar

The word Germany first came to my mind when I took Mechanical engineering as my branch in my undergraduate. The name Germany was always related to perfection in my unconscious mind due to German Car companies like Mercedes and Audi. I always dreamt of going to Germany. Finally, this dream …