Stay in Pilani, Report by Jannik Lücking

So here I am, lying in an Indian sleeper train from Loharu to Delhi at 3am, three weeks of travel ahead. Two and a half months ago, I first touched Indian soil. That was when this adventure began.

From the first day, everybody at BITS Pilani made it easy for me to make myself a home. India is quite different and it takes some time to adjust – but the PhDs and Professors help you with all upcoming challenges. Just stay calm and don’t make too many plans. Quite often, things turn out different than you expect. Get used to it and enjoy your time. When there’s a power cut or no internet: just go for a chai. When it takes two or more weeks to get your sim card activated: go for a chai. When machines don’t work the way they should: you know what to do. Be spontaneous.

But why am I in Pilani? The IWF of TU Braunschweig and the BITS Pilani are improving engineering education within the Joint Indo-German Experience Lab. This small-scale product chain gives students the possibility to gain hands-on experience, developing their communication and problem-solving skills. Jan, Steffen and I, together with some guys from Festo, the industry partner of this project, just set up the MPS Stations of the Lab. The next tasks will be the implementation of the energy measurement infrastructure and the implementation in the lectures at BITS. Furthermore, we are working on the development of a mixed reality station for the Experience Lab to gain more flexibility regarding the implementation of different process steps.

When you are ready for it, India gives you a lot! At each corner you can discover something new. It might take some effort, but it is worth it. Staying at BITS Pilani is the perfect opportunity to discover India: you can stay at the Campus, where everything is a little more quiet or go out and go on an adventure. BITS will always be your safe harbour. You get to know a lot of people who will give you hints on where to go, how to book trains or invite you to visit their homes. A quick overview on what might be possible: visiting an Indian wedding, visiting the biggest 2nd birthday party you will see in your life, riding on camels and going to Indian cooking classes are just some of the awesome things I experienced.